May 032016

Anyone starting with Linux, any version, would do well to review this article at…

Linux has taken over the enterprise. It runs the backbone for many of the largest companies. It’s one of the biggest players in big data. If you’re serious about moving up the IT ladder, at some point, you’re going to have to know Linux.

Source: The first five Linux command-line apps every admin should learn – TechRepublic

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Apr 192016

Password management is more important than ever.  I personally use 1Password and recommend most users use something on the level of a password management app.  I definitely see this as a security and productivity enhancer.  Here is a good article by Michael McConnell at…

It goes without saying that everyone needs to use stronger passwords, and the best way to do that is with a password manager. The truth is, passwords that are hard to hack are just as hard to remember, yet even so, you really do need long and complex passwords.

Source: How Password Managers Keep Your Passwords Safe

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Apr 122016

Interesting article on keyboards in general and why you might want to avoid Bluetooth keyboards.  By Kannon Yamada at…

Bluetooth keyboards offer a winning combination of portability and cross-device compatibility — but they’re not perfect for everyone. While there are Bluetooth keyboards out there worth buying, you should be aware that there are some real trade-offs to consider.

Source: 6 Reasons Why You Should NOT Buy a Bluetooth Keyboard

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Mar 142016

By Alan Henry at…

A substantial PC upgrade, or even a better workspace, doesn’t have to be a huge project that drains your time and energy. If you can order the parts, there are several worthwhile improvements you can make that’ll pay off big when it’s time to work (or play). Here are some of them.

Source: Top 10 PC and Workspace Upgrades You Can Do in an Afternoon

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Mar 062016

University of California, Irvine leaped into a new era with the release today of an aggressive strategic plan for the future that secures its place among elite research institutions.

Source: UCI takes a leap into the future with release of ambitious strategic plan | University Business Magazine

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