Oct 122014

I’m a big fan of Microsoft and Windows.  Their products are usually solid and make a good enterprise computing solution.  Windows 8 is their first OS where I have agreed with critics that the UI is just too problematic.  Andrew Cunningham at ArsTechnica offers an accurate picture of Windows 10 and its relationship to Windows 8.  From ArsTechnica.com…

The desktop environment in Windows 8.1 is pretty good.

This was not the message that Microsoft conveyed at its Windows 10 launch event last week, a presentation that had Microsoft’s historically change-averse but financially important business customers in mind. Whether the company was looking forward to multiple desktops and Continuum or backward to the Start menu and the command prompt, Microsoft’s message was clear: we have finished undoing all that stuff you didn’t like.

via Windows 10 doesn’t fix the desktop—it fixes Windows 8’s reputation | Ars Technica.

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Sep 192014

A very useful article and “how-to” by Saikat Basu at MakeUseOf.com…

Thankfully, when it comes to logic, the right tools can help simplify any process. Flowcharts are among those visual thinking tools that go grossly ignored for non-technical tasks. Maybe because flowcharting started purely as an engineering skill and didn’t go beyond the draft boards of industrial planners. With its leap towards computer algorithms it became more mainstream.

via How To Create Stunning Flowcharts With Microsoft Word.

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Aug 312014

Anyone planning an enterprise deployment of iPads specifically, or tablets generally, is advised to check out the series of podcasts available.

From their web site:  Deploy 2014 is a series of shows we are currently building up to help you lead a major technology deployment in your school or organisation. The series is published in our regular podcast feed and this page gathers and organises each of the posts in the series, along with a summary of the content.

via Deploy 2014 | Out of School.

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