Oct 022015

By Rob Marvin at PCMag.com…

Project management deals in organized chaos. Project managers are often tasked with coordinating multiple teams, keeping track of workflows, and making sure all of the moving parts are communicating and collaborating on delivering the finished product that both the business executives and the clients expect.

Source: 8 Ways a Mind Map Can Declutter Your Project Management | PCMag.com

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Sep 272015

By Sean Gallagher at Arstechnica.com…

One of the most prestigious schools in information technology also ranks first among its peers in information security in a new study—first among the worst, that is. In a recent security survey of 485 colleges and universities around the world with 1,000 or more public Internet Protocol addresses, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ranked at the bottom, earning just above an overall failing grade. The assessment, performed by the information security assessment company SecurityScorecard, gave MIT a nearly failing grade, putting the school in the basement below New Mexico State University and Cambridge University.

Source: MIT ranks high in bad security at major universities | Ars Technica

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