May 202010

Five Linux performance commands every admin should know: “Managing performance on Linux hosts is often seen as a black art. Many system administrators rarely venture beyond the simple or resort to throwing hardware, more memory and more CPU, at perceived performance problems. The use of a few simple commands, however, can reveal a huge amount of detail about your host and may help you resolve your performance issues quickly and easily.”

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May 182010


Use Dropbox to Monitor Your Computer Remotely – dropbox – Lifehacker: “The clever uses for file-syncing utility Dropbox never seem to end. In addition to the many creative uses for Dropbox we’ve already highlighted, Digital Inspiration explains how to use Dropbox to remotely monitor your computer and catch any unauthorized users.”

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May 172010


Desktop Fun: 21 Cool Ubuntu Wallpapers – How-To Geek: “Desktop Fun: 21 Cool Ubuntu Wallpapers

Ubuntu 10.04 was released last month, and comes with some breath taking design enhancements, and has some fabulous art work integrated into it. We’ve put together a collection of wallpapers to make it more customized.”

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May 152010

Great tip from…

Edit Files Windows Insists You Don't Have Permission to Access – Windows – Lifehacker: “Sometimes Windows throws up a confusing roadblock to your workflow. You go to edit a file in Windows and despite being logged in as an administrator, it tells you the file is restricted. Use this simple workaround to edit the file.”

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May 142010


FLOSS Manuals Expands Its Open Source Documentation Effort: “It’s been a while since we here at OStatic checked in on FLOSS Manuals, an ambitious effort to produce free, online documentation for open source software that we initially covered in this post. FLOSS Manuals is an excellent learning and reference resource for titles such as OpenOffice, Firefox, Audacity, Blender, Inkscape and more. Here are some of the details on what’s new there.”

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May 072010


The Keyboard Shortcuts of Ubuntu 10.04 – Keyboard Shortcuts – Lifehacker: “The free Ubuntu Linux operating system finally has some decent, condensed, official documentation, but curiously missing are the changes to keyboard shortcuts that control the desktop. The Tombuntu blog helpfully lists the multi-desktop, window management, and accessibility key combos in Ubuntu 10.04.”

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