This is why I became passionate about information technology in the 1980s – using it to be more efficient, effective, and productive.  So it is with a greater than average amount of enthusiasm I look forward to applications, interfaces, systems, and devices that make it easier to do great work in our professional and personal lives.

I think Microsoft’s integrated Office Suite, and specifically Outlook, has been one of the greatest contributions to productivity among knowledge workers to date.  For people who use only Windows computers it is probably the best possible solution in 2016.  As I have worked with different operating systems over the years (and I’m writing this from a Mac) things get a lot more complicated, and with the proliferation of tablet computing today there is no clear best solution for Personal Information Management software for individuals that use non-Windows systems.  But, I do have some recommendations.

Productivity References

Product Recommendations

  • For Windows users
    • Microsoft Outlook (if you only use Windows, I don’t recommend it for Mac users).
    • OneNote for note taking, organizing, and it is now available for Mac users as well.
  • For Mac users I recommend a combination of apps
    • OmniFocus for task and project management, it is superb and also runs on iPhone and iPad.
    • OneNote for note taking, keeping, and organizing.
    • Address Book for contacts.
    • iCal for calendaring.
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