Jul 262009
A common task these days, and required if you downloaded your Windows 7 from Microsoft, is to burn the ISO file to a DVD.

Well, within Windows 7 this is available without purchasing software (Nero and Roxio are both good products I’ve purchased in the past). I find this to be of substantial value.

This WindowsTeamBlog article Burn ISO Images Natively in Windows 7 explains it nicely and has some helpful screen shots.

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Jul 252009

The R programming language is an open source project compatible with Unix, Windows and other operating systems. The R Project Website includes the software, manuals and FAQs. I see it is increasingly used in higher education and research. With the SPSS folks hiking their licensing fees I expect it will gain even more popularity.

Another interesting source of information is The R Journal. Their premier issue is available as a PDF and on page 8 you will find a section on how to get started.

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Jul 242009

What tools and resources do you use for professional development? (comments, please)

I have had numerous occasions recently to answer the question, and I always include the Manager Tools podcast among the top 3.

By the way, I work at Emory University School of Medicine.

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Jul 232009

From the The Engineering Windows 7 Blog – “Today marks an important milestone in the Windows 7 project. The Windows 7 team is proud to share with you that a short while ago we have started to release Windows 7 to PC OEM and manufacturing partners. This means our next major milestone will be the availability of PCs loaded with Windows 7 and store shelves stocked with Windows 7 on October 22, 2009.”

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