Jan 312013

Linux keep getting closer to this goal.  Good review, but incomplete when it comes to music – unless you use Android.

By Chris Hoffman at MakeUseOf.com…

With Windows 8 casting a long shadow over the PC industry and Valve committing to create Linux-based gaming PCs, there’s never been a better time to start using Linux. For many users, the Linux desktop is now there — so many applications have moved to the cloud, hardware support has improved, and the desktop has been polished. You can even watch Netflix and play a variety of games on Steam — two big holes that have been filled recently.

via Making Linux A Genuine Windows Replacement.

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Jan 252013

Great opinion piece by Jon Buys at Ostatic.com…

Having your datacenter audited at the office can be a painful experience. One of the toughest is known by the initialism “PCI”, which stands for Payment Card Industry. The PCI audits are in-depth, and require several layers of security, logging, and documentation. Unfortunately, many of the requirements of such audits are derived from a Windows centric environment, and make little sense in a pure Linux system. At the top of this list is the requirement for anti-virus to be installed on all servers, but how necessary is this precaution in real life?

via Do Linux Servers Need Antivirus?.

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Jan 252013

For my few non-IT friends still working with Windows 8.  By Chris Hoffman at MakeUseOf.com…

Windows 8 has a number of features that can be annoying to experienced users of the traditional Windows desktop. From adding a Start menu to disabling the bulky ribbon, noisy live tiles, and unnecessary lock screen, you can easily fix a variety of problems you have with Windows 8.

via 7 Windows 8 Niggles Resolved.

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Jan 072013

This is an impressive piece of software.  I was able quickly save all of the drivers on my computer (I chose to not backup the drivers that are installed by Microsoft, Apple, etc.).


By Craig Snyder at MakeUseOf.com via Double Driver Makes Backing Up & Restoring Your Drivers Easier Than Ever [Windows].

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