Nov 302014

As much as I like Windows 10, so far, I’m also pleased to see Microsoft acknowledging the need for differentiating between customers when it comes to rolling out updates and features.

By Peter Bright at ArsTechnica.

Windows 10’s updates and maintenance are following a different, better path to all prior Windows releases: one with more regular updates and quicker access to new features for those who want it, while still offering enterprises a slower pace of delivery. With the first update to the Windows 10 Technical Preview a month ago, Microsoft also enabled a two-speed update track for the million or so members of the Windows Insider program.

via Latest Windows 10 update shows how rapid releases work in practice | Ars Technica.

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Nov 282014

By Stefanie Botelho at University Business Magazine…

A large majority of college-bound students (85 percent) said that digital capabilities, such as integration of technology into classrooms, virtual coursework and online classes are a top determinant in choosing which university to attend, according to a five-country survey by Accenture.

via Majority of students cite digital services as factor in higher ed choice | University Business Magazine.

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Nov 142014

From Business Wire…

Survey Reveals the iGeneration Wants Personalized Communications on Multiple Platforms during the College Admissions and Enrollment Process to Make Informed Decisions

via Class of 2020 Wants Colleges and Universities to Ditch Email, Viewbooks and Non-Personalized Communications | Business Wire.

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