Jun 102017

Looks and sounds simple enough.  In practice it can get complicated.  Good advice in this article by Deborah Maue at InsideHogherEd.com…

How to align the various constituencies at your institution so you’re working toward the same goal.

Source: Minimizing Scope Creep in Five Easy Steps | Call to Action: Marketing and Communications in Higher Education

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Mar 062016

University of California, Irvine leaped into a new era with the release today of an aggressive strategic plan for the future that secures its place among elite research institutions.

Source: UCI takes a leap into the future with release of ambitious strategic plan | University Business Magazine

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Jul 052015

By Malcolm Brown, Director of the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI), writing in EDUCAUSE Review.

Six individual trajectories of digital technology are enabling the ambitious goal of a responsive, personalized digital learning environment for higher education.

Source: Six Trajectories for Digital Technology in Higher Education | EDUCAUSE

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May 202014

It’s been a tough year for higher education.  This is a welcome reality check from Forbes.com…

In the U.S., college is a rite of passage for many. But with the cost of college rising sharply in recent years, you’ve got to wonder: Is a college degree really worth it?

Turns out, college continues to be a good investment—a fact that is consistent and convincing on virtually every measure of economic well-being and career attainment.

via What’s A College Diploma Worth? Why Higher Education Matters.

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May 042014

Short and sweet.  As my institution is in the middle of creating a new strategic plan these questions get right to the important points for increasing chances of success.  By Joshua Kim at InsideHigherEd.com…

3 Internal Questions for Non-Profit / For-Profit Online Program Partnerships

via 3 Internal Questions for Non-Profit / For-Profit Online Program Partnerships | Technology and Learning @insidehighered.

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Apr 252014

By Paul B. Redman at SSIReview.org…

Strategic planning is not just a functional exercise. It means the difference between being a struggling nonprofit and an innovative, cause-driven organization changing the world. Creating a culture that believes in planning is paramount not just to survive a project, but to thrive long after the project is complete. Strategic planning takes ideas, inspiration, and down-in-the-dirt hard work to make transformations.

via Five Essentials of Strategic Planning | Stanford Social Innovation Review.

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May 202013

By Minda Zetlin at ComputerWorld.com…

Not long ago, IT consultant Mark A. Gilmore was called in to help an IT department that was struggling with project overload. “They’d gotten this kind of attitude — the executive vice president calls it ‘Burger King Syndrome,'” he recalls. “Their approach was, ‘You can have it your way.'”

The business executives believed IT could supply whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted it. Salespeople had gotten into the habit of asking the development team to create applications within a week to fulfill promises they’d made to customers. As a result, IT employees were spending about 80% of their time reacting to crises or struggling to meet impossible deadlines rather than calmly planning their workloads, says Gilmore, president of Wired Integrations in San Jose.

via How to prevent IT department overload – IT transformation, management, Burger King, Gartner, applications, Networking, software, project management – Computerworld.

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