Dec 292011

I came across an interesting list of open source project management tools in an issue of Full Circle Magazine (FCM) #48.  Not all of the links in the mag worked but I was able to find all of the items reviewed and they are listed here with hyperlinks to the correct web page.

Here is a direct link to issue 48, and the reviews begin on page 44.

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Dec 292011

I’m enjoying the holidays with my wife in West Virginia and today I’m catching up on some reading of FCM.  Python is a popular free and open-source programming language and is a reasonable choice for learning a new language in 2012.

Full Circle Magazine (FCM) is a free magazine dedicated to the Ubuntu family of Linux distributions.  A multi-part Python programming tutorial has been appearing in FCM for months now and the first sixteen parts are available as a special PDF of two dedicated issues.  You can download them here:

So the links above get you the first sixteen parts.  As of this writing, FCM has published 29 parts to the Python programming tutorial and if you want more you can find parts 17 through 29 in the monthly issues, again they are free and I think well-written.

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Dec 242011

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

By Erez Zukerman at…

The holidays are upon us, but so is winter (for many of us, at least). Having to stay indoors all day long can be depressing, and there can be other things that bring us down, too. Worry not – the Internet is here to help!

via Feeling Sad Or Down? Here Are 10 Websites That Will Help You Feel Better.

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Dec 232011

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Imagine this: you’re sitting in your local coffee shop sucking down your morning caffeine fix before heading into the office. You catch up on your work e-mail, you check Facebook and you upload that financial report to your company’s FTP server. Overall, it’s been a constructive morning. By the time you get to work, there’s a whirlwind of chaos throughout the office. That incredibly sensitive financial report you uploaded was somehow leaked to the public, and your boss is outraged by the crass and unprofessional e-mail you just sent him. Was there some hacker lurking in the shadows that broke into your company’s network and decided to lay the blame on you? More than likely not. This mischievous ne’er-do-well probably was sitting in the coffee shop you stopped at and seized the opportunity.

via Packet Sniffing Basics | Linux Journal.

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Dec 222011

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Here is the round-up of the most-viewed posts of 2011. Michael Kassner investigated some of the thorniest security problems, reported on the newest developments in security research, and raised the red flag on privacy issues. Chad Perrin covered one of the worst security debacles of the year: Sony’s Playstation Network breach.

via Top 10 IT Security posts of 2011 | TechRepublic.

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Dec 222011

I’m very pleased to see Blender 2.6 Essential Training available at as of yesterday.  I consistently recommend Lynda as an excellent resource for learning a wide variety of applications, operating systems, techniques, and methodologies.  My Digital Media students use Blender to create and publish a short animated movie.

via Tutorials | Blender 2.6 Essential Training.

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