Mar 312013

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Summary: The speculation on the next version of Windows (code-named Blue) is getting out of hand. Based on a few screenshots and one offhand remark from a prominent Windows blogger, one of my colleagues is convinced that the Windows desktop is an endangered species. Nope. Not gonna happen.

via Five reasons why the Windows desktop isn’t going away | ZDNet.

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Mar 202013

It’s interesting to look back and see how the CIO role has evolved.  I started aspiring to such a role back in the late 90’s and the article has a table on page 2 that compares the shift from 20 years ago to today.

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How are you adding value?

It’s a question faced by many higher ed CIOs, as campus administrators look at the dollars budgeted for IT and wonder what they’re getting for the money. And it’s no longer about servers, bandwidth, and e-mail: Increasingly, IT leaders in higher education are under pressure to go beyond finding operational efficiencies, to developing more strategic contributions to pedagogy and university business.

via 9 Traits of the CIO of the Future — Campus Technology.

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