Jul 072015

Excellent article on use of lighting for better photos and videos.  By Patrick Allan at Lifehacker.com…

The big difference between good looking photos and video and bad ones comes down to how well things are lit. Whether you’re an amateur photographer building a home studio or a budding YouTube star, here are some simple tricks for casting the right light without spending a fortune on professional equipment.

Source: How to Improve Your Photos and Videos with Affordable Lighting

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Jun 192015

By Mark O’Neill at MakeUseOf.com…

In the era of paper, when men were men, and the Internet was still a twinkle in Tim Berner-Lee‘s eye, signing something like a letter or a contract was as simple as getting a pen and scribbling your name.But then the Internet came along, and of course, like everything else, signing papers went online. But when you get that contract via email, what do you do? You have to print the last page, sign it, scan it, and email it back. How terribly inconvenient.

Source: 8 Ways To Sign A PDF From Windows, Mac & Mobile Platforms

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Feb 232013

By Danny Stieben at MakeUseOf.com….

We all know that Photoshop is the premiere application for image and graphics manipulation. It simply does everything you could possibly want, which is the reason why most professionals choose it and why your wallet has a deep hole after you buy it. But Photoshop isn’t the only image manipulation tool on the block. The leading open source alternative to Photoshop, GIMP, has plenty of power under the hood as well.

via Better Than Photoshop? Make GIMP Even More Powerful With These Plugins.

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Oct 112012

By Aaron Couch at MakeUseOf.com…

We’ve all been there, some more than others, but at one point or another we’ve all had to convert a file. But whether we knew how to or not, was the question. Sometimes with this sort of thing it’s simply the lack of knowledge of what to use. The other common issue is how to use it. Well now that you’re reading this article, those should no longer be problems that you’re familiar with.

via Format Factory: Quickly & Easily Convert Multimedia Files Without The Headache [Windows].

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Aug 222012

Hey!  Another COTW site…I like this one.

Welcome to Colors on the Web. This website is dedicated to color theory and the use of colors in design. Whether you are a blogger who needs ideas for a color scheme or a designer in search of some color inspiration, the tools presented here should give you a starting point. My hope is that this site will give web designers a better understanding of color theory and the importance of colors as it applies to web design.

via Color Theory, Color Wheel and Combining Colors, Colors on the Web.

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Feb 042012

The final GIMP release before we see version 2.8 is now available.  From the GIMP home page at http://www.gimp.org

GIMP 2.6.12 is a bug-fix release in the stable GIMP 2.6 series. Its purpose is mostly to wrap up all fixes that have piled up since 2.6.11 into a last release in the stable 2.6 series before we switch to 2.8. Please have a look at the NEWS file for a detailed list of changes.

via GIMP – The GNU Image Manipulation Program.

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