Feb 182010

I like this article…from TechRepublic.com…

Hiring a programmer? Ask these questions in the interview | IT Leadership | TechRepublic.com: “One of the hardest things to do when hiring a software developer is to establish his or her level of expertise. It’s pretty easy to learn what their attitude is like after a bit of time in an interview. But actual programming experience is tough. Some companies rely on various tests, but in my experience, those tests often evaluate rote memorization that the modern development environment does not require (e.g., between the IDE’s autocomplete, F1, and the Internet, library knowledge is not as important as it used to be). Here are some questions that are good to ask a developer, and why they are good questions. If you don’t feel comfortable judging the answers on some of the more technical questions, have one of your senior developers sit in as well. These questions are designed to be generic and allow you to “pre-screen” a candidate before you get to questions specific to your projects.”

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Feb 172010

From BuzzCrunch.net…

DreamScene Windows 7 – How to Install and Enable DreamScene in Windows 7 | BuzzCrunch: “Windows Dreamscene was a feature introduced in Windows Vista that allowed users to have video wallpapers in the background. Microsoft seems to have replaced the Dreamscene feature from Vista with automatic changing wallpapers in Windows 7. However by adding the Dreamscene files and making a few registry changes, Dreamscene can once again be enabled. Don’t worry if that sounded intimidating, we do have a file that does all for you [if you’re on 32-bit.]”

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Feb 172010

This can’t come fast enough. From TechDay…

Macguide – Introducing Office for Mac 2011: The Quintessential Teammate: “AUCKLAND— Feb. 12, 2010 — You, the Mac community, have a voice — and at the Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU), we listen. Our charter for more than two decades has been to use your feedback to build the best productivity suite on the Mac. Recently you’ve asked for better ways to work with colleagues and friends anywhere, anytime, across platforms. So today at Macworld 2010, we are answering with details on how you can create and share your ideas using Office for Mac 2011, the next version of the leading productivity suite on the Mac. The suite has new connections to Microsoft services so you can work together more effectively, an updated user interface making tasks easier, and essential compatibility to ensure your documents look the way you made them when shared.”

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Feb 022010

From TechRepublic.com…

How do I connect to a remote Windows 7 desktop from a Linux machine? | Microsoft Windows | TechRepublic.com: “Although most administrators do their work within a Windows environment, there are times when an administrator will want to (or have to) connect to a remote Windows machine from within a Linux machine. Now most administrators are used to doing this from within Windows. But from within Linux it is a different story.”

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