Jan 222012

By Adriane Ciavonne at EDUCAUSE…

The ten most widely read online EDUCAUSE Review articles from 2011 focused on current IT issues, the future of higher education, gamification, mobile learning, social media, and academic libraries.

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Jan 172012

By John Paul Titlow at ReadWriteWeb.com…

When the iPad first launched two years ago, it was derided by some for its limitations. The first iteration didn’t even have a camera on it, and it may never get a physical keyboard, so the notion of the device being used for content creation was laughable. Instead, the iPad was seen as a tool best used to lean back and consume content. For the most part, that’s how things have played out. People use their iPads for reading, watching video, listening to music and gaming.

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Jan 102012

By W. Gardner Campbell at CampusTechnology.com…

When we speak of learning outcomes, we typically mean either skill mastery or successful recall of information. Indeed, we often make successful recall–what our students tend to call regurgitation–an easy-to-measure proxy for mastery. Inputs match outputs, and the student passes the class. Problem solved–or is it?

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Jan 092012

For my Digital Media students that will need an MP3 file, and anyone else interested, here are some free music downloads.

I also recommend http://commons.wikimedia.org for various types of free and open source media and I like the blues music, in the open source OGG format, here.

A more complete selection of audio: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Audio_files_of_music


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Jan 072012

By Paul Goodison at ReadWriteWeb.com…

If you are using a spreadsheet to track your data center equipment inventory, then take a moment and read this post. You might want to consider using something else that can actually track your assets. From where I sit, many IT managers grossly underestimate the efforts in this process.

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Jan 062012

By Joel Lee at MakeUseOf.com…

Over the past decade, the Python programming language has exploded in popularity amongst programmers in all areas of coding. From web developers to video game designers to in-house tool creators, many people have fallen in love with the language. Why? Because it’s easy to learn, easy to use, and very powerful.

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