Apr 102013

This is a good read.  Don’t let the title kill your interest.  Even though I do not serve as an elected chair, I serve at the will and pleasure of the President of Concord University, it has some great leadership and management tips.

By Greg Downey at his personal blog…

Today I’m attending a “Chair’s Chat” as part of an annual UW-Madison “Campus Showcase” of best practices. Current Department Chairs like me have been asked to “share one or two tips that they feel other chairs might find useful” as part of the discussion:

via Ten Things to Ponder after you are Elected Department Chair | Greg Downey.

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Apr 042013

This looks like a great idea built on fundamentals of good leadership.  By Les Mckeown at Inc.com…

Any great leader faces a multitude of challenges every day. Whether it’s communicating strategy, helping people through change, holding on to excellence in the face of compromise, or just navigating the leadership environment, there is no shortage of development opportunities lurking in each day’s schedule.

I’ve worked over the years with leaders on all of the challenges above–and many, many more. But surprisingly, the skill that I see more leaders struggle with more than any other is relatively mundane (but very important): the ability to work with their team as an equal. To be “merely” a resource, rather than the team leader.

As we’ve seen before, many leaders can only operate in one of two modes–in charge, or not there. In other words, once they join their team (virtually or otherwise), the team instantly defers to them, and they take the lead.

Truly great leaders have a third mode: The ability to sit with their team without needing to be in charge, using their subject matter knowledge just the same way as anyone else around the table would.

If you don’t already have it, here’s how to develop that skill:

via Hardest Leadership Skill You’ll Ever Learn | Inc.com.

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