Feb 182014

Good news reported by Paul Thurrott on his blog.  I like MS Office, and I love the iPad.  I hope it’s a good marriage!

With Microsoft Executive Vice President Tami Reller seeming to tiptoe around a discussion about Microsoft’s plans for delivering a full-featured Office version for iPad this year, we don’t need to parse her comments to learn more. A related and reliable report suggests that Microsoft is in fact speeding up the delivery of Office for iPad. And it will probably arrive ahead of the version for Windows 8.

via Office for iPad | Paul Thurrotts WinInfo content from Windows IT Pro.

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Feb 152014

A useful overview of mind mapping and a couple of product recommendations.  From Bakari Chavanu at MakeUseOf.com…

Mind mapping topics and ideas is a good way to jump start projects and tasks. Though good old pen and paper traditionally got the job done, digital applications like MindNode for Mac ($19.99) and iOS ($9.99) devices offer flexibility and features that save time and trees.

via Mind Map Ideas, Projects and Tasks With MindNode for Mac and iOS.

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