Sep 302013

There’s a saying in mu business, “you get hired for your technical skills and fired for your soft skills.”  Good article by John McAndrew at Computerworld,com…

As a chief technology officer, you’re good at technology; the C-suite wouldn’t have hired you without that. But you can’t be all about technology. It’s even more important to understand the dynamics — and oftentimes the politics — of the C-suite. It’s your No. 1 client.

via CTOs, don’t neglect the C-suite – Computerworld.

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Sep 182013

By Narasu Rebbapragada at

A bright orange line emerges from the horizon at the left side of the screen. Getting brighter, it arcs upward—and then suddenly turns ashen gray before falling back to the horizon. More lines follow the first. Thousands upon thousands of lines. The visual is at once beautiful and daunting.

via The art of numbers: Who knew Big Data could look so cool? | TechHive.

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