Jun 252011

By Christina Warren at Mashable.com…

If you want the hands-down, easiest way to embed practically anything on your blog or website, have we got a tool for you!

The nature of the web is such that sharing and republishing content is common — and often even encouraged. The problem is, we increasingly store bits of our data on various services scattered across the web. Aggregating that content into one centralized personal hub can be time consuming — requiring user to manually copy text and links or upload files and photos — or fiddling with RSS feeds trying to make content automagically appear.

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Jun 192011

From GHacks.net…

5 Productivity Increasing Features In Windows 7: “If you compare Windows Vista and Windows 7 you see lots of similarities. So many that most Windows 7 users who have been using Windows Vista in the past might be hard pressed to name ten new features of the operating system. Most of them would probably start with obvious changes like the new Windows 7 Taskbar but after that? Many of the new features are “under-the-hood” features that most users will never come in contact with. And then there are features that modern hardware and software are not taking advantage of yet, like multi-touch or DirectX 11.”

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Jun 192011

From WindowsNetworking.com…

Solving Windows 7 and Application problems quickly using Problem Steps Recorder (PSR): “The new Windows 7 “Problem Steps Recorder”, how to use it, and how it can save you time. The “PSR” is able to quickly and easily document any problem in Windows 7, step by step, in written form. The best thing about PSR is that even an end user can use it to document issues for you.”

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Jun 112011

By Brian Casel at Mashable.com…

It’s no secret that WordPress is the fastest growing content management system (CMS) platform on the web. As of this writing, WordPress has a 54% market share of all websites that use a CMS. As users continue to flock to WordPress, we in turn see massive demand for WordPress’ products and services.

via 7 Ways to Build a Business Around WordPress.

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