Jan 192016

And I thought we could get by with Windows 7 until 2020.

By Matthew Hughes at MakeUseOf.com…

If you intend to use Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 in the foreseeable future, you should know that Microsoft plans to make it harder for you.If you’ve got a current generation Intel Skylake processor, they’re going to stop issuing security updates for these older supported versions of Windows in about eighteen months. Furthermore, Microsoft is refusing to support anything less than Windows 10 on Intel’s upcoming Kaby Lake processors, period.

Source: Why Windows 7 Won’t Work On Intel’s Current & Next Gen CPUs

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Jan 062016

By Joel Lee at MakeUseOf.com…

We call these features “superpowers”, and they’re worth knowing about if you consider yourself to be a power user. In fact, you don’t even have to be a power user. Anyone who wants more control over Windows will love these tricks and tips.

Source: 10 Neglected Windows Superpowers & How to Access Them

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Jan 062016

By Tina Sieber at MakeUseOf.com…

Windows 10 is very different from previous Windows versions. If you have used Windows 8 or Windows Phone, you will recognize commonalities, but Microsoft has been changing options and adding features. Here, we point out default settings you will want to customize right away.

Source: 7 Default Windows 10 Settings You Should Check Immediately

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