Jun 102017

Looks and sounds simple enough.  In practice it can get complicated.  Good advice in this article by Deborah Maue at InsideHogherEd.com…

How to align the various constituencies at your institution so you’re working toward the same goal.

Source: Minimizing Scope Creep in Five Easy Steps | Call to Action: Marketing and Communications in Higher Education

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Nov 032016

By Sandy Stachowiak at MakeUseOf.com…

If you’re working on a small project, as a freelancer, or in a company with few employees, Outlook 2016 can help you manage your projects and tasks without the need for hefty software. With simple customizations to the task section, you can set reminders and due dates, assign to-dos, and track time easily.

Source: How to Use Outlook for Simple Task and Project Management

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May 202013

By Minda Zetlin at ComputerWorld.com…

Not long ago, IT consultant Mark A. Gilmore was called in to help an IT department that was struggling with project overload. “They’d gotten this kind of attitude — the executive vice president calls it ‘Burger King Syndrome,'” he recalls. “Their approach was, ‘You can have it your way.'”

The business executives believed IT could supply whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted it. Salespeople had gotten into the habit of asking the development team to create applications within a week to fulfill promises they’d made to customers. As a result, IT employees were spending about 80% of their time reacting to crises or struggling to meet impossible deadlines rather than calmly planning their workloads, says Gilmore, president of Wired Integrations in San Jose.

via How to prevent IT department overload – IT transformation, management, Burger King, Gartner, applications, Networking, software, project management – Computerworld.

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Dec 292011

I came across an interesting list of open source project management tools in an issue of Full Circle Magazine (FCM) #48.  Not all of the links in the mag worked but I was able to find all of the items reviewed and they are listed here with hyperlinks to the correct web page.

Here is a direct link to issue 48, and the reviews begin on page 44.

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Nov 252011

I’m fascinated the last few years with Mindjet and how people are using it and other mind-mapping software.

By Jessica Stillman at GIGaom.com…

A year ago at Net: Work the audience crowned social task management product Cohuman with the people’s choice award (here’s a screencast explaining how it works). The company was also a Net:Work Future Ideas Launchpad finalist.

So what’s happened to the company since it made a big splash at last year’s conference? (This year’s Net:Work conference in San Francisco is just a few weeks away on December 8th.) In short, they’ve become a piece of a larger puzzle, being acquired by Mindjet to help create a broader solution that takes ideas all the way from inception to execution.

via Cohuman + Mindjet = Idea management from inception to execution — Online Collaboration.

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